10 Advantages Of Modern Access Control Solutions

Examples of references are entrance tickets, badges, smartphones, key chains and biometric identification. Mobile references often use QR codes or cloud-based software to control access within a building. In today’s high-tech world, we often have entrance tickets or ID cards instead of keys to enter a secured area. Physical access control security has practically replaced lock locks and matching copper keys for most companies.

Either way, the hosted access control frees staff time and eliminates the need for on-site monitoring personnel at any location. In addition to freeing up time and flexibility of hours for security personnel, the hosted access control offers flexibility in service options. The world is changing rapidly and companies such as doctor’s offices and financial institutions often turn to better services for patients and customers.

Even when an external contractor or visitor needs access, the door can be opened remotely without any effort. While a lock and key are the simplest and cheapest form of access control and remain by far the most popular door security, it is a low-security, low-tech option. Keys can be copied to any main street and locks are vulnerable to collection. access control system Even if you have a lot of people and a lot of closed doors, key management becomes a challenge to say the least. A two-campus school may have some faculty members who teach in both and some who teach in only one. A hospital with two buildings may have different levels of access for people working in each building or on each floor.

This protects sensitive parts of your building from theft and data breach and keeps your employees safe. In summary, access control improves the way it protects your facilities, people and belongings. Another important advantage of access control systems is that you can track who comes and goes.

Aatel works with three market leaders, each of whom has developed innovative access control systems. Keyscan, HID and RBH Access Technologies design state-of-the-art security systems that are versatile, scalable and flexible yet highly functional. They provide significant value to your investment and ultimately help control access to your business or institution. You can protect office resources, equipment and supplies by controlling access to your building. Access can be limited to certain rooms, so only those with access can enter. If there is an accident or theft, you know who had access to the specific area at the time of the incident.

In the event of an accident or theft, you can see exactly who visited a specific area at the time of the incident. In addition to security measures, this feature is also useful for collecting data about who enters and leaves specific buildings or offices, when and how often. In addition, access control systems can protect your employees in an emergency. Doors with locking mechanisms and keys remain locked, which can be unsafe when a fire or other emergency requires a quick escape. Using fail-safe locks, doors are unlocked when the power goes out so that anyone can leave a building without looking for their keys.