15 Wall Art Ideas To Adjust Your Space

Amanda Cotton from @houselust uses her shelf space on the mantle piece to fill those white holes with more color. EN, Clotilde Passalacqua, IKEA interior design manager, Add how ‘Stage units and standing cabinets are great alternatives to art and prints to fill large areas of the wall space. It nods a bit at maximalism like LeeAnn Cline, who has cleverly chosen colors in the rest of his space within a wall artwork to create cohesion in a busy interior design.

If you want your home to radiate minimalism, it’s hard to go wrong with Shutterfly’s black and white canvas prints. This is also a great option if you are looking for a vintage inspired look. When displaying black and white prints, look for sleek colors for your wall, furniture and other decorations. Abstract art does not always have to scream to get attention.

Thanks to hundreds of types of paintings and mats, you can create practically any look you want. After the whole room was painted and ready, it was time to hang the prints and decorations on the wall. To make placement very easy, we use a painting tape to mark the spot to hang the canvas and shelf. With a wild yet thoughtful Buy Large Abstract Canvas mix of colors, patterns and textures, this Sean Scherer designed bathroom is full of personality. Interior designer Peti Lau painted this accent wall in a deep maritime tone and then lit it with a bench of marigolds and matching wall art. Instead of hanging a framed painting or photo, he attached a carpet to the wall.

Use oil paint, brushes and artist’s knives to paint the flower image freehand, mix and shade if necessary to achieve the desired tonal dimension. Home decoration niches and canvas prints play a crucial role in transforming the way you see the interior of your home. These functions add color, glamor and some vibrancy to your living space. With that in mind, you have to choose the best home decor and put it in the right place to create that beautiful impression in your living space.

Backgrounds can also range from abstract or watercolors to well-known images or photos. Choosing art for your home can be a project involving all family members! Decorating does not have to be a person’s responsibility, your home should reflect everyone in it. Even if you live alone, it’s great to include things like your dogs’ fingerprints in a canvas or a picture of you and your best friend that everyone can enjoy! For ideas for large wall decoration, look no further than the faces of your life.