2021 Latest Tips For Choosing Outdoor Advertising LED Screens

When you opt for a full LED display for outdoors, you get peace of mind knowing it won’t be harmed by direct sunlight or snow, and it will now display your content no matter how hot or cold it is. The front screen is thin, does not take up space, saves materials, is lightweight and easy to install. The refresh rate refers to the rate at which the image refreshes on the LED display, i.e. the number of times the image appears on the screen per second, and the unit is Hertz. LED display pitch refers to the distance between the point of the luminous source and the point, usually in millimeters. By determining the optimal display distance of the screen, we can determine the pixel pitch value of the LED display. Problem 7, when the LED screen plays videos or images, the display area of the computer software is normal, but the LED screen sometimes appears fixed and black.

Those color points are determined by properly mixed combinations of red, blue, and green lights. With these three basic colors, almost any color in the spectrum can be created. When you’re ready to create an impactful marketing campaign that increases customer engagement with low risk and a high return on investment, our LED signage is a proven solution for businesses large and small. Learn how to seamlessly bring creative and technical elements together to turn your digital signage vision into reality.

Because of the brightness of direct sunlight, your outer screen should be clearly visible. Choosing high brightness and high contrast displays will only make your content more appealing. The rule of thumb is that a display is not visible in direct sunlight unless the screen has a brightness of 2,000 nits. If your screen is weaker than this, you can try placing it under a canopy or tent to block sun exposure. Echran offers LED display solutions with high-quality products.

Starting with these eight tips in mind, you’ll be willing to ask the right questions and get your project ready for success. Some vendors, such as Samsung, also offer a network operations option to constantly monitor your board and send a technician to fix any issues even before you can notice them. LED advertising screens are very diverse in sizes and types, depending on whether they come in or out. Older boards require more power to work than newer configurations, up to 80 percent more.

In addition, for some large-scale LED screens installed on the exterior walls of buildings. Maintenance ducts should be designed so that maintenance personnel can perform efficient service and repairs from the back of the LED display. A look at exhibitions in recent years shows that most exhibitors choose to offer a clear, sophisticated and short-range exhibition experience.

Detect if the color data signal has been shortened to other lines. Check that the line on the positive side of the power supply is short-circuited. Learn more about the effects of blue light exposure from digital displays and recommendations on how we can protect ourselves from Sun Vision Display.

Because they all appear on a large screen with attractive images of condensed content so that viewers can perceive them in a short time. There’s no better way to draw attention to your brand or business than with an outdoor LED display. With sharp images, bright colors and vibrant displays, today’s video displays are far removed from the traditional printed material of the past. As LED technology led screens advances, business owners and advertisers are gaining new opportunities to increase brand awareness with functional, affordable and effective outdoor displays. When the installation space behind the LED billboard is large, the after-maintenance method is equally efficient. The rear service design is more convenient and efficient for installation scenarios such as roof type and column type.

IP68 LED Display Our modular outdoor LED billboards are designed to withstand even the worst weather conditions and specially designed for extreme situations such as sandstorms, hot and cold peaks, etc. Currently, in some parts of the world, at major intersections, people have banned the installation of billboards with LED screens, which can distract pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. In addition, the lighting of this type of advertising greatly contributes to the phenomenon of light pollution in cities that causes some inconvenience to residents.