3 Crucial Ways To Load Your Crystals

Whichever method you choose, it is important to remember that your crystals are just as useful as the time and attention you invest in them. Large amethyst geodes, selenite plates or large quartz groups are useful for cleaning your smallest stones. Place the stones you want to clean on or in the larger stones and leave for 24 hours. The vibrations of the largest stone remove the negative energy from the smallest stone. Selenite and amethyst removal are preferred to use crystals as a healing aid.

Sunlight is so incredibly strong and powerful that it can clean and charge your crystals. Direct sunlight works best, so put your crystals in direct sunlight for up to half an hour. Dissolved crystals do not vibrate positivity, spread negativity or just do not work as it should.

The sun will further stimulate the cleaning water and as the stone is cleaned, sunlight starts to charge the stone. Unlike the soft, soft and feminine energy of moonlight, sunlight is the male counterpart to the energy of heavenly light. This makes the male energy of sunlight ideal for carrying stones. As long as your glass is not sensitive to light and has been pre-cleaned by another method, you can place it in the sun to load it.

The easiest way to use the full moon to clean and load is to simply leave the stone in a space where the light from the full moon will touch it. Just put the stone on the moonlight path and let the rest happen naturally. I want to let everyone know that there is a spell thrower that is real and genuine. DR.ONIHA released him to tell me how much he loved and loved him.

Leave them out for 24 hours to let your crystals absorb so much energy. Also consider leaving them on a full moon night, as full moons are excellent energy sources for your stones. Bringing the energy or spirituality of the full moon and creating its manifestation and the new moon to create intentions for the month. Salt water can also be used to absorb unwanted and / or negative energy from your crystals.

This is also one of the safest ways to clean your stones, as you are not at risk of blurring or disturbing the natural balance of the stones with water, dirt, sun or any other element. However, it is important that you sit and land in a good space and connect your energy so that your stone does not have to do anything. Another safe and wise way to clean and load crystals is through the power of sound. Using the sound frequency moonstone sterling silver rings to wash your glass and bring it to a new vibration is a great way without risking cleaning your gems. Fast and effective, this is also a smart method for those who have a lot of crystals that need an eternity to clean and load individually. Yellow is the color of the sun’s energy, and all you need to do to clean and charge your crystals and stones is to leave them in the sunlight for several hours, up to seven hours.

The same goes for crystals; Cleaning is important because they draw energy from the environment. They maintain negative frequencies as soon as they are used for a certain period of time without weekly cleaning. If you omit them too long and are cleaned or loaded by moonlight, the energy will also change.

And after they have worn healing stones, they must be programmed to manifest their intentions. Bring the energy from the earth and the soil to your crystals to charge them. This natural charging technique allows your crystals to revive a connection to Earth to regain powerful healing energies. This method is easy to do as long as you have access to a natural earth spot. The use of earthy floors will work well as it is recommended to bury the glass in the ground for powerful cleaning and a reset effect of energy.