7 Reasons People Change Their Name

The other parent can submit an answer or certification as opposed to the complaint. There is no rule about which names are in the best interest of a child and which names are not. Instead, the court carefully takes into account the individual circumstances of each case involving a minor child. If you need to register as a sex offender, you must prove that you have informed your local police that you are asking the court to change your name.

When the waiting time and publication period end, you have a final hearing with the High Court. Finally, you must attend a formal hearing before a judge or magistrate. During the hearing, the judge will ask you for your reasons to change your name and will ask you under oath change my name to verify that you are not looking for a name change to commit fraud or for any other illegal reason. If the judge is satisfied with your testimony, the court will make the name change. These documents are the most important part and you cannot go to step two without them.

You must provide legal proof of name change with a state-certified birth certificate, marriage certificate, certified court order or other legal documents such as citizenship documents. For example, you have made yourself known by a name that is not on your birth certificate, or you can simply decide that you no longer want to be familiar with a name that is on your official legal documents. In general, you can take over the use of a new name at any time without going through legal proceedings. However, if the name you use does not match that of your official documents, it is best to change your name legally. This is especially important in light of the intense security practices in force since September 11. If you are also getting divorced or dissolving a civil union, you can legally change your name in the course of the divorce case.

You do not need recognition ordered by a gender court to change your driver’s license in California, Social Security Card or US passport. Nor does it need a court order to issue a new birth certificate that reflects a sex change . You may wish to apply for recognition ordered by the gender court to change your birth certificate if you were born outside of California. See the Gender Change section for more information on changing your name and gender, or just to recognize your gender, and you want to know all your options. Legal proceedings for obtaining a court order after submitting a request for a change of name may take up to 3 months.

You may be able to find your local court forms on your higher court website. While anyone can request a name change, they must follow their state rules if they want state or government agencies to recognize them. If you want to change your official name, you need proof approved by the status of your birth name, such as a birth certificate and proof of residence in your state. Then fill out a series of forms and explain why the court should allow you to make this change. He pays them the fee, which varies by state, but generally costs at least $ 150 (my costs are $ 167), and then takes the oath that he is not trying to avoid paying his debts.

Then a judge assesses it, completes it, and sends it with instructions to return to court so that your case is heard on a date that is 30 days or more from the date the judge signs the order. The judge will also lead in a specific newspaper in the order in which he publishes a notice of this session date. If you change sex, you can change sex in some states on your birth certificate while changing your name. But just because you’re using a new name, the rest of the world may want to see legal evidence of your new name. Legal documents such as a marriage certificate or court order may be required to prove your name change. Proof of your identity, such as your passport, driver’s license or state ID card.