7 Scary Thai Horror Movies, Dare To Watch It For Yourself?

This is one of those horror movies that will upset you and make you uncomfortable, but it’s impossible to look the other way because it’s also surprisingly entertaining. Here’s a little journey to tire your mind of the brutal wave of psychological and supernatural thrillers. The “girls” of Haunting Me 2007 are back on this fun adventure in which they will tackle a new location with two ghosts that scare the residents of the bedroom. Taew, Cartoon, Motdum and Songkram return with their friendly spirit they call “Pancake” to help them solve their macabre problem.

This film gives a modern twist to the old story about the famous spirit and continues her search for husband Mak. Nak finds Mak alive in very different circumstances, engaged and eventually married to another Nak, a living Nak, and Phra Khanong is no longer a channel, but has become a train station. Those who stand in the way of the mind to fulfill their need to find their husband still have to find a terrible ending, preserving the legend’s claim.

The story revolves around an urban legend, but also shows the horrors of high school. Thai Marketing Poster for Phobia Also known as 4BIA, this is an anthology of four different stories by four different directors. The first segment is called Happiness, which is about a lonely girl talking to a stranger about lyrics.

Suicide Club is one of these, focused on suicide and the idea and reasoning behind mass suicides. Zion Sono addresses these issues in a terrible horror film that legitimately wins his cult. These are some of the best Thai horror movies to be nonsense! Stay home for a night full of horror and ghosts and order some suckers or get something ดูหนังออนไลน์ from Deliveroo. Starring the Thai-German pop singer Marsha Vadhanapanich, the film tells the story of Pim, a girl transferred from Korea who survives the divorce operation with her twin sister. The Eyes Diary The comic film tells the tragic love story of a young man named Nott, who loses his girlfriend in a terrible motorcycle accident.

She is a despised lover who uses black magic to get revenge on the man who abandoned her during her pregnancy. The entire series is very dark, making some viewers find it difficult to see. All effects are practical and combined with smart camera angles and cuts, making blood much more effective. The past decade has produced very good horror movies, such as Hereditary, The Witch, The Conjuring and Get Out.

The boy becomes Ton’s best friend, so Ton later realizes that Vichien is actually the ghost chasing his bedroom. But through his friendship with Vichien, Ton can solve problems related to his family and those of the school community where he studies. Phra Khanong’s Mae Nak legend has been told and told in comics, television shows and movies over the years.

The film was originally produced by the Japanese Omega Project, which wanted to make another horror film after the great financial success of the previous production, Ring . It premiered with some other Japanese horror films at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 2, 1999. Written, produced and directed by Park Chan-wook, this South Korean horror film was released on April 30, 2009. Although the experiment fails and becomes infected with the typically deadly disease, it miraculously and completely recovers after receiving a blood transfusion. Together with manga, music and fashion, horror films are one of the leading cultural export products in Asia. Here are the top 10 Asian horror movies for binge food this Halloween.