7 Ways To Seriously Reduce The Use Of Phone Data

This is also a good option to reduce your data usage, this application helps you track your data usage in all other applications on your Android device. According to the sewing counter, it addresses phill the daily use of data from your Android phone and also helps you manage it. You can check the amount of data you use in each application and easily find out where they consume their big data.

As soon as you enable your mobile data, your installed applications will start using your internet to sync for a new update. Make sure to enable background data limitation for applications that you don’t want to connect to the internet every time. Opera Max also comes with advanced data management tools.

Using applications that consume a lot of information can seriously affect your data usage during your mobile network. You may not realize that the Google Photos app synchronizes your photos in the background every time you click on it. Social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram consume a lot of data. Try to avoid watching videos and GIFs in those applications.

Onavo is similar to Opera Max, but comes with iOS support. It may not be as well known as Opera Max, but it can do homework. This allows users to measure and store data, just like Opera, with more attention to controlling internet usage of applications.

Another thing you can do is change the settings in your main applications that require data, such as Netflix and YouTube. Since these are video streaming applications that are often used on larger screens such as tablets, data can be used quite quickly by merging them with a phone. Adjust the quality of the videos so that it is low or of less quality than HD, so that they do not use that much data. Use the gear icon at the top right to open more settings, then tap the button to the right of Set Using Limit Mobile Data and confirm any requests. This works great if you are using an access point or not, but it is especially useful when you listen, because your connected devices can use more data than you expect.