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Their engineers respond in a very timely manner and work diligently to resolve your problems. My only experience with GSuite support was with someone who kept referring me to Google support articles…really?! GSuite might be fine for some, and I know it’s popular in the education world, but for most businesses, O365 is the only feasible option.

The toolbars and menus display keyboard shortcuts for almost every feature, so you don’t need to strain your wrist mousing around the screen as you mostly need to do with Apple’s apps. Microsoft’s Office online also offers plenty of keyboard shortcuts. I’ve also been using an enterprise version of Google Workspace for years through a large organization I work for. But for this review, I tested the basic service to get an idea of what it’s like to administer the suite.

Intuitive dashboards let you manage users and groups, manage devices, assign permissions and configure security settings. For example, you can block untrusted apps, set compliances, enforce security keys or require two-step verification. If they log into Google Workspace from a new device, Google sends a text message with a verification code they have to enter before they can access company data.

We’ll need to get your billing details to set up your account, but you will only be charged after the no-cost trial is over. To get the most from your trial, we recommend trying at least 3 tasks that you want to explore, such as collaborating on Docs, launching a video meeting in Meet or checking Gmail from your mobile device. Google Workspace’s Drive provides twice the amount of storage, 24/7 phone and email support, sharing controls and advanced reporting. You can upgrade to unlimited storage (accounts with fewer than five users get 1 TB/user) for an additional fee. Google Workspace facilitates seamless collaboration between team members. This means any changes made are auto-saved and reflected in real-time.

I started with the Google Sites app, which guided me through a simple site-creating wizard for my new domain. I could choose to limit access to users with addresses at or make it accessible to anyone who opens it in a browser. Perhaps the number one reason to use Google Workspace is to gain full access to this bundle of productivity-boosting apps. Backed up with 24/7 customer support through live Google workspace chat, email, or phone, these products give employees all the fundamental tools they need to create and collaborate effectively on daily business projects. Each user has a Drive account where they can store notes, drafts and other files that their teammates don’t need to access. In addition, each team can have its own Team Drive, where users can share documents or resources that other team members do need to access.

Introduced in July 2017, Hire by Google was a job applications and management tool developed by Google to be used in combination with G Suite. The tool lets employers track job candidates’ contact information, as well as résumés, calendar invitations, and allows for business partners to share feedback on candidates. Job applicants can choose what information to share with potential employers. Google introduced Work Insights in September 2018 for administrators to see how departments are using Google products. In August 2019, Google announced that it would be shutting down Hire in September 2020, instead choosing to focus on “other products in the Google Cloud portfolio”. There is an impressive range of collaboration and productivity tools, all of which run in the cloud.