Different Tattooing

There are many different tattooing techniques, both for the design and how the tattoo is put on your skin. Different tattooing techniques differ from artist to artist. Sometimes you can request certain types of ink and some artists use different types of ink needles. Some artists prefer outlines or black and white pictures while other prefer to do portraits and such.

There are many different tattooing techniques across the country, but one thing you creare site web profesional must always remember is to only trust a professional tattoo artist doing your tattoos. Some less experienced “want to be” artists claim they can give you a tattoo with other home made machines besides the normal tattoo gun, like a hair clipper, but DO NOT listen. These techniques are not safe, they are not sanitary and they are not the same quality as done with a tattoo gun. NEVER let anyone besides a professional tattoo artist with a sterile needle and professional equipment do any work you. You have to remember, tattoos are near permanent! There are ways to get them removed, but the process is both extremely painful and expensive. You always want your tattoos done by a professional with a sterile needle and FRESH ink. Fresh ink is also important in the quality of your tattoo, old ink fades very quickly. Be sure to ask your artist if he’s using fresh ink!

As for tattoo design techniques, the list is endless! The most common general design technique found on men is tribal. Even though tribal tattoos are very popular, there are millions of variations of different tribal tattoos. Tattoos such as tribal are simple designs and most tattoo artists should be able to draw these designs to perfection. The trickier designs come into play with portraits, or actual colored photographs copied to the skin. These kinds of tattoos require lots of ink and almost ALWAYS more than one session to finish the design. I’ve seen complex portraits that took seven sessions before, seven LONG sessions. It’s best to have computer quality pictures when doing tattoos such as these so that the artist can have the best clarity when copying the picture to your skin. Just remember, each artist has their own special touch. Ask your tattoo artist which types of tattoos that he/she prefers to do, and if it’s something he/she likes then he’ll probably do much better at it.

If you’re looking for different design techniques there are tons of websites on the web with different styles of tattoo’s and millions of different designs. The free sites usually contain the common and overused tattoo designs, but the premium sites have tens of thousands of great designs with more new ones coming in every single day. If you’re looking for an original design for your tattoo you won’t find a bigger place to look than the internet!






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