How Do I Start A Video Game Collection?

Sells high-quality PET plastic cases that not only protect your play from light, moisture and dust, but also make your collection fantastic and well preserved. They offer cases for virtually any retro console, including sizes for packaged games and bulk cartridges. This can be expensive if you plan to put a large collection in these boxes (they cost around $1 each for singles, although you can get the price of almost 50 cents each if you buy in bulk). You can also try Alibaba to get the lowest price, although I’ve heard a lot of mixed results from people who bought from them. Now, this one is not really a tip, but rather a “heads-up” for those who want to start a collection of consoles.

It just won’t make you a lot of money if you want to sell it at a profit. Greater interest in this hobby grew during the 2010s, driven by collectors of other forms of media such as comics and coin collection who saw video games as a potential new place for long-term investment, rather than nostalgia. This has created both advantages and disadvantages for former collectors. In general, focus on places that sell games at low prices to get rid of them, such as flea markets and garage sales.

There are a few steps you’ll want to follow before you start collecting video games. Doing your preparatory work will save you a lot of time, effort, money and gas. In the world of video game collection, it is not difficult to choose which games and objects are highly sought after. You may have the desire to add some of them to your own collection, but this is not always the case.

I kind of like the idea of owning my best games for each of the systems I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’d say I’ve probably beaten 80% of my games, and I probably only have five or six games that I keep just because they’re rare or valuable. I also really like to show my games, which come with their own rules. For disc games, Switch and Genesis, it’s always CIB for me, and I never buy the biggest hits or Player’s Choice because I can’t stand having base colors that aren’t uniform. For older cartridge-based games, I’m okay with going with the cart, except for some of my all-time favorites. I did my best to own boxed copies of Ocarina of Time, Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, Turtles in Time and NES Ducktales.

That’s why you need to make sure everyone knows that if they have something they no longer need, they should let you know. In all honesty, most old video games and their respective consoles don’t have much value and many people prefer to throw them away rather than offer them for sale. If they know that someone is going to take it out of their hands, Trading Card Games Social Network and that they can get a second life, everyone wins. Indeed, even if you don’t consider yourself a collector right now, you probably have enough video games that someone who doesn’t play them feels like they have a decent assembly growing. If you want to take things to the next level, these tips will help you get started and build from there.

So, if you decide to collect for a retro system, you can not exactly go to a normal video game store and pick up items for the system, you need to look at the places with second-hand goods. Thrift stores, pawnshops, thrift stores and charity stores are all good places to check and check these places regularly, things come and go quickly, especially if there are other collectors around. That said, if you have a budget, have room to properly store games, and know you’re collecting for the right reasons, you should be able to have a positive video game collection experience.

The others are the ones who decide to collect video games as their love for this hobby increases. When I started managing this blog, I had about a handful of Nintendo Wii U games and started playing again. I think I ended up around games for wii u before the Nintendo Switch made its big debut. However, I saw the Switch as a golden opportunity to start collecting video games again, as a new console means a whole new library of collectible games. I was able to build my own collection as other games were released on the Switch instead of being late to the party, like I did with the Wii U.

If you want a collection of video games that spans decades, don’t forget the old adage that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. We’ve already mentioned that anyone who doesn’t collect games may not know the value of their old items. Some will throw it away, while others will try to resell it. When you shop this way, you are at the mercy of what is there. If you still have a lot of holes to fill, you’ll probably find something remarkable. If you’re looking for a specific room, you could leave empty-handed.

In most cases, when someone asks how much it costs to start a video game collection, they suggest that they get any console that has the games they want and don’t worry about anything else. However, there are also collectors who try to collect everything from an NES to an Xbox 360. In general, collecting video games is probably the most personal hobby a person can have. Your collection is your collection, so you have full control over what you want and don’t want.