How Do You Take Care Of Your Cat?

But before you blame the accident on the condition of the litter box or your cat’s mischievous behavior, schedule a visit to the vet. A change in litter box habits sometimes means that a cat has a urinary tract infection or other medical problem. Routine health care refers to the general, non-urgent care needed to keep your cat healthy throughout its life.

For the average healthy cat or kitten, here’s a quick breakdown of the types of food you’ll find in the grocery store or pet store. If your cat has health problems, is overweight, or is an older person, it’s best to have your veterinarian help you select the right food. For example, if your cat needs to lose weight, it should be done slowly for health reasons. Keeping your feline friend happy and healthy starts with some simple tips, some of which can now be incorporated into your cat’s routine. It’s sad to say I didn’t choose the right cat, but the cat chose me.

Some cats may prefer the enclosed bed in which they can hide if they feel overwhelmed. Also, place a few catnip toys and a soft blanket in it. It doesn’t matter if your cat is an indoor cat or if your cat is old. ALL cats (including dogs!) must be seen annually for exams. We need to spend time with you so we can teach you how to make your cat live longer, healthier and happier.

Urinating or defecating outside the litter box can be the sign of a serious health problem. Look for cat poop that looks too hard, too soft, or blood streaks. Make sure you have a good box of high-quality cat litter and cat litter. A closed litter box can give you and your cat more privacy, and tying litter is easier to maintain.

Make sure there is always fresh water available for your pet. Cats also like to drink from moving water accessories, such as a fountain or an aquarium bubble in their bowl. The Humane Society is committed to protecting the health of the animals in our care, but we cannot take responsibility once a pet leaves our facility. We do not provide medical services for our own animals, as all our resources are dedicated to the homeless in our care.

These do not cure the virus, but work to prevent secondary bacterial infections, which can be serious, especially in young kittens. Feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus are two viral infections that are transmissible from cat to cat. They are among the most common infectious diseases of cats. Although your cat may seem healthy, some cats may live longer than 7 years without showing symptoms. It is possible for your cat, if infected, to spread the disease without showing symptoms. Talk to your veterinarian to learn more about these diseases.

External parasites of cats are fleas, ticks, scabies mites and ear mites. Scabies mites can be detected by scraping off the skin of infected areas for signs of mites or their eggs. Signs of scabies include red, scaly areas or bald patches on the skin, or both. A type of scabies called Cheyletiella is called “walking rose”. This large mite causes itching along the surface of the skin, while other scabies mites reside deeper into the layers of the skin or hair follicles.

All cats, regardless of the length of their coat, should be groomed regularly. This is a great opportunity for you and your feline friend to get together, and allow you to spot something unusual that your vet would like to have you checked. “Free feeding” means letting your cat graze whenever he wants. The problem with this is that it very often leads to obesity. Instead, make sure you only provide the right amount of hard food and wet food that your veterinarian recommends to avoid weight problems.

A study from Ohio State University found that healthy cats show signs of illness when they are stressed. However, cats diagnosed with common inflammatory diseases such as feline cat litter box supplies interstitial cystitis became healthier when stress levels were reduced. Your indoor cat may not act like it’s under stress, but cat health problems may indicate something else.

Dr. Stephens continued to introduce America’s first pet insurance policy to the famous TV dog Lassie. Train your cat with a harness so he can go outside and enjoy the fresh air while still being closely watched. Outdoor enclosures with mosquito nets also allow indoor cats to safely walk around outside. If your cat is alone during the day, play relaxing music or videos just for cats or adopt a companion cat so you have a playmate. Remember to slowly introduce cats to each other and give them enough space. Cats are naturally curious and enjoy observing their surroundings from a safe and hidden distance.