How To Change A Minor’s Last Name In Ohio

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In these cases, it is wise to have an experienced lawyer working with a process server. The above applies to any parent with regard to legal notice, even if the other parent is not listed on the child’s birth certificate. Submit documentation, including a certified copy of the birth certificate, Form 21.2, Form 21.3, Form 21.4 and Form 21.5, to the yard court in the child’s residential area.

This message must be made at least 30 days before the scheduled hearing. This notification supplements reporting from the other parent as described above. The judge decides on the request to change the name on the basis of the information provided to the court before and at the hearing.

Otherwise, your daughter may have problems later if she has to get her driver’s license or get a job. In other cases, applicants must submit a request to civil courts. Regardless of which court hears these requests in your state, you need a valid reason to request the change. Your first step would be to contact the local provincial court to find out the exact process, as the name change procedures vary by state. For example, in Minnesota, your child must be a state resident for at least six months to be eligible for a change in the legal name.

Make sure to bring copies of your proof of legal paternity and any other documents you consider useful. Once the court has made a final decision, you can apply for a new birth certificate. If both parents agree to change a child’s name, parents can file documents before a judge to legally change the child’s name. One parent’s consent apply for name change in person is only required under certain limited circumstances. Read on to learn more about changing a child’s name when both parents agree and when the other parent’s consent is not needed. Please note that even if you change your child’s last name, the legally recognized identity of the child’s mother or father does not change.

If the name change is granted, the judge will sign an order to do so. Then you need a certified order, a name change certificate or another official document to present to social security and change your child’s name to a birth certificate. If the name change is granted, ask the employee what form he needs. You must provide a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate with the petition. In some provinces, the court registers your order with the auditor. In other cases, you must send the order to the auditor yourself for presentation.