How To Ride Horses For Basic Beginners, Safety, Mistakes

Your hands should hold the reins with your thumb pointing upwards to give you better contact with the reins. It is important to ensure that your horse eats and drinks enough. Horses can eat up to 2% of their body weight per day in hay and grass and need at least 5 liters of water per day to stay healthy.

Selection is best in the fall and spring, but horses are usually cheaper in the fall because sellers try not to “hibernate” horses because of feed costs. If you are inexperienced in buying horses, ask a professional horse person or veterinarian to help you. Ask to expand what you learn to include horse care and really start caring for one of the horses you ride in school. Find out firsthand if you’re ready to make this a part of your daily life for years to come. The pride of owning horses can sometimes make you feel like you don’t need lessons anymore. Now you have your own horse and can ride whenever you want instead of relying on the availability of lesson ponies.

However, this should not mean that you give up the lessons, especially if you have a new horse that you are working with. Ask your trainer or an experienced friend to hold and hold the horse still. Usually, trainers keep the horse on their right side and teach the animals to wait for riders on their left.

The reins themselves should be passed over the little finger, under the remaining three fingers, and then over the thumb, with the thumbs facing forward. Daily tasks of the barn can include cleaning the barn, removing manure, cleaning buckets of water, feeding and calving. Daily farming duties include maintaining fences and pastures, cleaning water tanks, mowing and more.

Find a horse professional to help you make an informed decision when buying a horse. I recently saw a post about a young woman who took home a new horse. He immediately took to social media and asked questions about possible health problems his new horse might have. She should have known the answers to those basic health questions before she bought a horse. I also read that a lady was knocked off her horse several times. She went to Facebook to get answers to problems with her new horse.

Many new riders will prefer their stirrups to be a little shorter than necessary, which is acceptable as long as you can still maintain a balanced, upright position. When riding a horse in the United States Horsebox Builders or Mexico, you’ll most likely find a saddle horn on your horse’s rack, which you can hold. If you’re feeling unsteady, try adjusting your posture, stretching your legs, or holding the reins softer.