Medical Cannabis Program

In addition to having a qualification status, a Minnesota resident must prove his address with a valid driver’s license or ID card. The state cost for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis application is $ 200 paid annually. Patients with SSI, SSD or enrolled at MinnesotaCare may be eligible for a reduced rate of $ 50. In 2021, the state announced that it will grant patients access to the purchase of edible products, as well as the cannabis flower to smoke. About 18,000 patients participated in the state medical cannabis program from October 2019.

If you are eligible, our doctor will enter your online certification the same day as your appointment so that you can register in the state as soon as possible. Once registered, you have immediate access to the purchase of medical marijuana products from state-owned pharmacies. When you are ready to start, you can use the form at the top of this page to schedule your appointment online or call us. For more information on medical marijuana laws medical card certification minnesota in Minnesota, we provide detailed information to help you avoid potential legal complications if you are a medical cannabis patient living or visiting the state. After you have received approval for the medical marijuana program, you must visit the Cannabis Patient Center, where a pharmacist will review your account and health information. You must complete the patient’s self-assessment report before each visit to the Cannabis Patient Center.

Children under the age of eighteen must have a designated caregiver. When it comes to paying registration fees for your medical cannabis card, Minnesota is one of the most expensive states. Patients must pay a $ 200 state fee using the medical cannabis application form in Minnesota and for the annual renewal. First, you must ensure that your GP is eligible to evaluate your medical marijuana. The department said that sickle cell disease and chronic vocal / or motor tic disorder will be added to the list of assessment conditions, which will come into effect in August 2021.

The state is now considering a request to include an anxiety disorder. Without being successfully registered, patients or caregivers cannot visit a pharmacy. In addition, they are not legally protected against arrest for possession or use of cannabis.

No new conditions have been added to the existing list of 17 qualified health problems. North Dakota added anxiety disorder in 2019 when it immediately became the most cited condition. Only our licensed medical marijuana doctor can determine if you are eligible for the program, so we cannot guarantee your approval. However, if our doctor does not approve, you will receive a COMPLETE refund! Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is ready to fully prepare for your appointment, giving you the best approval option, call us or send a text message for more information.

Post-traumatic stress disorder was diagnosed in nineteen percent of patients and severe muscle spasms were diagnosed in 12 percent. A certified medical cannabis doctor must diagnose the patient with one or more of the assessment conditions. It turns out that the 2021 legislative session was good for marijuana. Of course, a bill for full legalization was only made through the House and was never accepted in the Senate.