Morse Story

In the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, newspapers and magazines were normally published with printed wrappers. Before, in the mid-19th century, in regions where postal systems existed, payment models varied, but most mail was sent without paying, forcing the recipient to pay shipping costs. Today, the most common method worldwide is to pay shipping costs by purchasing a self-adhesive stamp to be placed on the envelope before shipment; A much less common method is to use a free envelope. Franking is a method of making licensed envelopes with a special machine. They are used by companies with large postal programs, such as banks and direct mail companies. In the mid-11th century, linen merchants known as the Cairo Geniza merchants from Fustat, Egypt, wrote about the use of a postal service known as kutubi.

For some, letters were a form of critical reading, self-expressive writing, controversial writing practice, and also brainstorming with like-minded others. Correspondence files, for personal, diplomatic or commercial reasons, serve as primary sources for historians. At certain times letter writing was thought to be an art form and a genre of literature, for example in Byzantine epistology.

The postal service has mail delivered, raining or shining, using everything from planes to mules. Russia shared the general European trend towards the development of postal services in the 13th century. Post and drivers for mail transport were held at regular staging points to deliver the so-called cutii postale bloc koetsexpress, which gradually became an organized card exchange system. Let’s move quickly to modern civilization, there are many different types of procedures for sending a letter or package to parts of the world. The most popular options include the postal service like USPS and FedEx.

In the 1990s, email was quickly used as the new and quick way to communicate. While email remains one of the most important means of modern communication methods, it faces some competition from instant messaging and social media services. One of the most basic ways to send and receive messages between two people was in the form of written letters. “According to the testimony of the ancient historian Hellanicus, the first handwritten letter was written around 500 BC. C. by the Persian queen Atossa “(Tomshinsky, 2013, p. 112). From Tomshisky’s article it is possible to say that written letters started in Persia, and since then this simple way of sending messages has evolved enormously. We now have two-way messages in the form of tweets and DM on social media, which are not only intended to communicate with people, but also to inform and raise awareness of social issues.

This was when the paper had not yet been invented and the alphabet was never learned. The characters were seen as one of the first writing methods written on clay stones or tablets and were “written” using a regular reed. This method of writing and communication has been used for over 35 centuries. The national postal service of the sender’s country (p. Eg. Royal Mail, United Kingdom; USPS, United States; Australia Post in Australia; or Canada Post in Canada) empties the mailbox and transports all content to the local classification office.