The 20 Best Dives In The World For Maritime Adventures In 2022

Diving here is year-round and offers an experience not found anywhere else on earth. This is the only place where you can dive with marine iguanas. As the dive sites progress, this provides some of the best spots to dive in the Pacific Ocean. One of the best places to dive here is Christmas Island, famous for the annual migration of red crabs in October or November.

The waters here are crystal clear and offer the opportunity to see reef sharks, bull sharks and hammerhead sharks. To the southwest, Moorea Island also offers fantastic shark diving, with loose currents and fascinating underwater topography that makes it accessible to all levels. What sets Moorea apart as a world-class destination, however, is that it is arguably the best, and one of only three places, where visitors can legally swim with humpback whales. From July to November, large numbers of these ocean giants migrate to the island’s outer reefs and atolls in search of mates or to care for their calves. Diving with them is truly a bucket list experience, which closes French Polynesia as an extraordinary destination.

It is an excellent island for novice divers, with the best visibility between November and April. Jackson’s Bight, a favorite spot, is revered for its exploration opportunities with slopes and tunnels for divers to peek into and discover. If you’ve never dived before, you can fool yourself into believing that snorkeling is just as good. And to be sure, there are some beautiful coral reefs and magical marine life that can be seen at surface level.

Spread over 700 miles, divers certainly have many areas to explore, discover, and even learn to dive. Roatan is suitable for divers of all experience levels and because there are so many places to choose from, you have a lot to say about how deep or difficult you would like your dives to be. One of the best things about diving in St. Croix is the diversity of its waters. More than 500 marine species, including fish, turtles, seahorses, octopus, rays, sharks, eels and more, live on the reefs of St. Croix.

If you were to ask a dozen divers what a great dive destination is, they would have a different answer. Where there is a coastline, a great adventure is probably waiting for you. The more you practice these tips and tricks, the better you can control your fear of diving.

An easy swim along the coast on one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches, Crash Boat, is a popular destination for locals and visitors in the western city of Aguadilla. There is an old sea pier that protrudes directly from the beach. Among them, there’s a whole world of coral reefs, fish, and turtles for divers to discover, with minimal currents and great visibility.

The underwater environment is huge; a rich and diverse domain where every dive site offers something new and unique. Selecting the best dive sites in the world is no mean feat, but here at Bluewater Travel, our travel experts are up to the task. We have chosen ten dive destinations that showcase the best diving opportunities in the world, ranging from tropical to cold water locations and covering all four corners scuba diving resorts of the world. We’ve included the best sites to find amazing wildlife, from large pelagic to macro creatures, and have highlighted some once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will get you reaching for your wetsuit. Around the island municipality of Culebra, there are more than 50 different dive sites, including caves, sunken boats and undisturbed coral reefs with levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced.