The Best Places To Visit In Italy

Sicily is the perfect Italian destination for a road trip and for visitors interested in beautiful cities, archaeological sites, small towns, coastal landscapes and food. Along the shores of Lake Garda you will find some beautiful cities and picturesque towns. The best known is the town of Sirmione on the south side of the lake. Malcesine, Limone Sul Garda and Riva del Garda are also worth a visit, if only to see the north side of the lake. And there are many more places to explore, but it takes a lot more time.

If you choose to spend a week in Sicily, it is best to plan your trip by visiting the east or west coast. Much less known than previous cities, but it is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Italy. Located at the foot of the “Italian boot” in the Puglia region, Lecce is a very beautiful baroque city. There are churches, museums and palaces everywhere, all sharing the same architectural style. When you hear about Pisa, you first think of the famous leaning tower, the symbol of the city. However, there are other things to see in the city, so you can easily spend a full day in the city.

Then you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a spritz in one of the busy cafes around the cathedral or go to one of the beach clubs in the sun for some time. But perhaps it is the best thing to do in Amalfi, walk along the top of the cliff towards Atrani to enjoy beautiful views of the Amalfi coast. The second italija largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia, is known for its beautiful beaches and impressive light blue waters along the 2,000 km of coastline and mountainous interior, perfect for hiking. Often ignored by more traditional Italian destinations, Sardina is an unappreciated hidden gem worth a visit.

You can visit the main sights on an emergency day tour of the city. With two or three days in progress, you can visit the highlights we mentioned above in the best experiences. With even more time, you can explore the corners and crevices of Rome, take a tour of the food and avoid it. Located on the southwest coast of Italy, Naples is the third city in the country and has a history and culture that match.

But the most unique attraction in Villa Rufolo is the setting for an open-air concert, with a background of the Mediterranean Sea below. I can only imagine how beautiful concert music would sound in this setting. As has undoubtedly been a favorite place among the celebrities of the world. An idyllic atmosphere, a beautiful view and delicious food and wine make the place a paradise on earth.

Whatever your taste during travel, you will be satisfied in this country that is both exotic and familiar. The Amalfi Coast in the Campania region is another popular tourist destination in Italy. This area stretches between Sorrento and Salermo and has some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Italy. The rugged coastline is dotted with colorful fishing villages and small beaches.

Food, wine, history, art and architecture, picturesque hill towns in Tuscany and underestimated Dolomites … Most people only have a week or two to explore this incredible country. Pisa was once a thriving port city that equals Venice and Genoa as a maritime trading power and is home to the iconic leaning tower. Located in the Tuscany region, the city is perfect for a day trip where visitors can explore the iconic bell tower, baptistery and medieval cathedral.

The small town of Roccascalegna is known for producing world-class wine. Many tourists arrive in Pescara, which has a direct bus and train from Rome, from here you can take another local bus or rent a car and drive to explore the city and the vineyards surrounding the castle. From the actual city, the Roccascalegna Castle is just a few minutes walk away, but the steps can be very steep, while the view from the top is truly magical. If you’re looking for a fairytale outdoor adventure experience, here’s a place to explore without spending too much and facing a large audience: it’s definitely one of Italy’s hidden gems.

One of the best blogs I’ve come across in my search for the best places to visit in Italy. Whatever your taste when traveling, you will be satisfied in this country that is both exotic and familiar. History, art, food, music, architecture, culture, sacred places, charming cities and breathtaking landscapes are everywhere and in an atmosphere that only the most confirmed curmudgeon cannot enjoy. Once you can easily plan your trip using these 20 best places to visit in Italy.