Top 10 Tips To Make Cybersecurity Work Effortlessly For Your Business

You should also train all employees on how to securely manage documents, establish a printed document management policy, and require employees to securely log in to print documents. Enterprise cyberattack detection has increased by 500% since 2018, costing over £6,000 per hour and over £75 billion per year. The speed with which you can fend off cybersecurity attacks and recover your data is critical to the survival of your business. Even if you have robust security measures in place, if ransomware attacks and causes damage, it could attack the backup software itself and corrupt backup files. Be sure to encrypt all sensitive data, including customer, employee and company information.

This independent review should identify gaps in people, processes and technology in use. Many data breaches begin with an attacker gaining possession of a regular user’s password. From there, the attacker can gain access to an organization’s most valuable information. To make it more difficult for attackers, keep your passwords well organized. Use a password management program that remembers all your passwords for you.

In 2020 alone, one in four companies in Canada was affected by a breach of customer and/or employee data. Even more troubling, another 38% didn’t even know their data security had been compromised. This data comes from a 2020 cybersecurity report by the Canadian Internet Registry. And according to IBM’s report on the cost of data breaches, Canada has the unenviable position of having the third highest average cost of data breaches at $4.5 million, behind the United States and the Middle East. As a business owner or employee, there are a number of preventative measures you can take to protect your company’s data. The most important starting point is to know the most common causes of data breaches and how to prevent them before the damage is done.

Even if you are the UK’s largest forensic company, Eurofins, you are still vulnerable. Find a professional who specializes in data protection and preventing data breaches. Deploy cybersecurity protection that is prepared to wait and recognize the signs when something is about to go wrong.

This should include regular training and a framework to reduce the risk of data leaks or data breaches. Cyber threats can originate from any level of the organization. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey, nearly half of U.K. Businesses have reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

One such standard, endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre, is Cyber Essentials, to which organizations can become accredited. To protect access to your most critical systems, you need to know who is accessing them, when, and for what reason. Knowing the principles for creating passwords for accounts is beneficial for regular employees. However, with Ekran System’s comprehensive access management solutions, you can automatically manage passwords and protect access to critical company resources. In particular, specialized PAM solutions can be a lifesaver when you need to deal with uncontrolled permissions.

You can easily check what needs to be updated in the Software Center, and your device will usually tell you if it needs to be updated. Using outdated software or systems leaves you vulnerable to attack, as that’s what hackers look for to infiltrate businesses. If your device or network becomes infected with malware or transomware – a type of malicious software – you may no longer have access to all your important data and systems. Downtime is costly, but regular backups of your site’s data can prevent this from being a devastating blow to your business. And by not clicking on suspicious links or installing unknown software on your computer, you can better protect yourself from attacks.

Cybersecurity should be a foundation upon which your organization’s protocols and practices are built. If your employees know what phishing attacks look like, they are more likely to recognize one and therefore prevent an attack. Companies can start by educating their employees on data security, constantly updating procedures, and ensuring the company is up to date on new threats through ISO 27001 certification regular communications and notices. Many of these attacks can be prevented by educating your team on best data protection practices, implementing common sense IT solutions and enforcing password security policies. However, as cybersecurity threats become more complex, organizations need to take more proactive measures. Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated, but so are the solutions.