Top 20 Best Warhammer 40k Books Of All Time Review 2022

Once you have an understanding of the world of the 41st millennium, you can feel free to immerse yourself in Horus Heresy, starting with the first book, Horus Rising. Well, the heresy of Horus takes place in the 31st millennium and tells the story of the Golden Age of the empire, just before Horus and 8 other Primarchs warhammer 40k books become traitors. It is impossible to understand or appreciate the tragedy without the context of the 41st millennium. Many nuances of characters and legions mean that you understand how different and unique this time was. Warhammer 40K offers it all, from hostile aliens to alien monsters and demonic plagues.

As a Warmaster you must do everything possible to succeed in this mission or be considered a heretic among your comrades. It is one of the greatest civil war stories of 40K, one of the many foundations that made 40K books unforgettable. It is also the first part in the Horus Heresy series, a series that many consider to be the primordial soup of Space Marine stories in the 40K universe I hope everyone has found this list useful, insightful and that it is much easier to choose a starting point.

These selections of incredible novels and fantasy stories can be a good start to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of great battles and brave warriors who will not leave you indifferent. In 1987, the Warhammer 40,000 war game was first released by Games Workshop and included events from the distant future fantasy universe. His affiliated print shop Black Library soon began to publish background literature detailing the universe and its characters.

Then there is the Dark Coil, which is not a formal series, but a name for Peter Fehervari’s 40K stories, connected by an esoteric tangle of recurring characters, places and themes. Start with Fire Caste, which follows an Imperial Guard regiment called the Arkan Confederates, which came straight from the west and have names like “Kletus Modine”. They join an endless war against the tau on a planet covered with gray jungle and a maze of rivers called Dolorosa Coil. The Vanguard story is his epilogue and from there everything with the name Peter Fehervari takes him further on the Coil.

This is because the universe is not a perfect series, but another series of books is combined with collections of anthology, traditions and codex. That is why we decided to give our readers a small roadmap with this guide. While this guide may not be as comprehensive as some people think it should be, we believe it has more than enough information to appeal to readers of the Warhammer 40K book series. Written by Graham McNeill, an author who has written 20 different novels for this series, novels with A Thousand Sons, and in this book, shows why he has written so many of the Warhammer 40K books.