Top 5 Party Speakers

Sony’s largest broadcast speaker, the XB72, is an incredibly powerful and noisy party speaker designed for big parties and events. This speaker is over 2 feet long and also puts on a dazzling light show every time you use it. That said, this isn’t a truly portable speaker and should be powered by a standard 110V outlet. JBL makes quite a few portable speakers in its PartyBox line that are suitable for outdoor parties, with the PartyBox 110 being one of the most popular. It’s about twice the size of the UE Hyperboom, but it’s a little cheaper and actually a little more suitable for outdoor parties.

On each dial at the top of the speaker is a knob that lets you turn the lights on and off and play and stop your audio. The 13-pound Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a party speaker reminiscent of the days of boomboxes and cassettes. It even has a USB-A port to charge your phone in a snap and 24 hours of playtime to boot up.

While not the cheapest audio system, the Sony MHC-V11 offers impressive performance and usability. For this reason, it’s hard to find a model similar to this offering from Sony. The top speakers are built with the best materials that sometimes make them a bit heavier, but the audio quality is second to none. Often, when friends or musicians talk about party speakers, the only comparison is watts. Power is important, but it’s not the only factor affecting the quality of an active speaker.

That said, compared to the JBL PartyBox 310, we noticed that bass levels start to peak at higher volumes. Compared to the JBL PartyBox 310, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is equally noisy and delivers extremely powerful bass in outdoor mode. This speaker is incredibly durable and waterproof audio equipment rentals and splash-proof, and it’s definitely a speaker designed to last. That said, it lacks the dazzling lights the PartyBox 310 has to offer and JBL’s karaoke features. As for the sound quality, it’s really noisy and very heavy, exactly what you want for a party.

The Soundcore Trance is a sleek and versatile party speaker that delivers an incredibly loud maximum sound performance of 101 dB. It offers some of the deepest and most powerful beats you’ll ever hear with its 5.25″ woofer on the front and 2″ tweeter. The speaker also features a custom passive radiator that fills the entire back panel of the speaker with low-end bass. The Sony SRS-XP700 is the largest and most powerful outdoor speaker we’ve tested, it’s a monster. It weighs 37 pounds, is more than two feet tall, and flirts with the edge of what it means to be a “portable” Bluetooth speaker.

The mid and high frequency ranges are relatively neutral, which is very nice. It is an excellent party Bluetooth speaker with several fascinating features that will make your party stand out. With a bluetooth wireless connection, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to this speaker. You’ll surely love plenty of lighting options that are sure to add some style to your next outdoor party. Sony offers some of the best party speakers on the market, including the Sony MHC-V11.