PoE 3.19 Week 1 Lightning Conduit Build Update Lake of Kalandra

I’d like to show you the lightning tube construction that I’ve been working on. It is important that you know that I have gone bankrupt as a direct result of the introduction of nerfs into the league. Even though I do not have headhunter or mage blood, the good news is that I have obtained the majority of the upgrades I want, with the exception of the belt. This means that I can begin saving money right away in order to purchase one of those things in the future. All right, have a look at this revised version. I have moved away from using the dynamic explosion and storm brand settings because it is difficult to increase damage without achieving a critical hit, which also requires a significant amount of time to invest in gem sockets in order to achieve a 100% success rate for the power impact of hits.

As a result, I have reverted to using the storm ball setting. I can use poe item (best gold & items shop) against a single target or an area of effect all at the same time. The abnormal version of the ball of the storm is the one that I use in practice. When you use the lightning skill, it will go in multiple directions, targeting additional foes. I believe it has something to do with the abnormal element diffusion as well as the abnormally increased effect area: alternative gem quality is not required for construction, but they do add a little AOE, which contributes to the quality of life. To gain an implied magic, you could, technically speaking, just throw some element diffusion gems onto your gloves. However, doing so necessitates giving up the nerve, which is a significant reduction in damage.

In addition to this, I am utilizing the version of the awakener chain that allows the sphere of the storm beam to be linked three times, and once the chain lightning skill is added to the tree, it will be able to be linked four times. This ensures that I have adequate coverage. In the end, I make the connection between the impact and the sphere of the storm, and I refer to this as a blow. Because of this, I am able to place the silver bottle on top of the jade bottle. This is because, during the process of map drawing, I will always have a strong impact. This is because, even if you do not charge a boss with a flask, you will eventually have a surge gain, and the killing blow is only a little more than the total damage that the boss deals. It’s even possible that I’ll trade some of my skills in order to manage the storm brand. This could potentially lengthen the process, which would make the construction more secure and wider. Another thing you will notice is that I have altered the stats of a magic wand and shield to give clubs an advantage in the setting. This is primarily due to the fact that the damage dealt by the light of destruction is excessively powerful in terms of elemental skills. As long as you have it equipped, the damage it deals will be increased by a factor of three. It is necessary for me to find a solution to this issue because I am not using the shield for an extended period of time and as a result, I have lost 20 spell suppression and 35 decree diseases. However, one of the drawbacks of this situation is that the stick lowers the player’s elemental resistance by between 60 and 70.

I ran the elemental purity program in order to solve the majority of the issues. Although this does not fully compensate for the reduction in element resistance I experienced as a result of using this staff member, it does help alleviate some of the issues. Additionally, the immunity to 100 diseases is very good, which helps to compensate for the lost spell suppression. However, at this point in the league, I need to catch spell suppression on the majority of the equipment, which was not possible when I first started playing in the league. My quartz flask is not currently activated, despite the fact that I actually have a 99% chance of spell suppression. On the other hand, the phase it offers for bossing mapping is something I really appreciate.

I might actually give it up for other reasons, although I’m not sure what I’m going to use, maybe basalt flasks or other advertising campaign promises: another annoying thing is that we lost the opportunity to use shield charge, which sounds like a meme, but in reality, I now use jump slam between Berserker charge, rush, and acceleration. I’m not sure what I’m going to use, but I’m not sure what I’m going to use. In all honesty, I don’t think it’s that bad. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I’ve also given up my anger, which is not to say that God has blessed me with his favor. This results in a negative net DPS, but the map is still very enjoyable for me because it offers a great deal of mobility. If it were up to the boss, I’d probably skip the grace and go straight for the anger in order to maximize the amount of damage I could do.

Take a look at this tree because I surrendered my protection to it. After bringing these nodes back to their original location, I am proceeding along this path in order to acquire the employee nodes that are located here. These nodes do not offer the greatest boost in damage, but they do offer a small opportunity to block, which is very beneficial and helpful to our overall HP efficiency. As you can see, I was successful in locating a magnificent cluster gem. I believe that this is the most significant to Buy POE Currency.

Because it involves all eight gods, I decided to form this alliance in order to make a single purchase. The age of 15 is the only one currently available on the market. The storm drinker that is built into the gem itself puts an end to the energy shield’s draining effect. The problem of Life Leech and Super Strike having an insufficient impact can now be solved thanks to Doriani’s course.

It is a complete and utter cluster gem beast, and as a result, I am able to upgrade the construction even further. In connection with this topic, if we look at the rest of my gear, you’ll notice that I’ve added an additional amulet to my collection. Before I upgraded the cluster double, I was using a temple amulet that had lightning Life Leech, but after I got the upgrade, I was able to stop using it. In an ideal world, I would acquire a plus two amulet at this location; however, doing so will be very costly, and I am unsure as to whether or not this can be accomplished through the construction process. As a final point, I would like to mention that I came across a 2120 lightning tube gem, which provides a greater increase in damage than a 20-20 increase. In addition to that, I snatched up as many of the awakening gems as I could. Once I am able to, upgrading the lightning and elemental focus gems that were added by awakening to level 5 will actually result in a significant increase in their damage dealt.

At this point, each of them will contribute an additional bonus to the gem level of the lightning pipe. Anyway, I will wrap up the content with a brief mapping example so that you can see how the build functions, and if there is enough interest, I can even write a comprehensive guide for this build. Once I’m done, maximize it. In a few years, I also intend to create the very first scientific content for the alliance that pertains to mapping.

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