Skydance Animation’s Animated Musical “Spellbound” Promises Magic and Fun

John Lasseter’s Skydance Animation is a studio making a name for itself with animation fans of all ages. Skydance Animation is focused on delivering the utmost originality by telling stories you won’t find anywhere else. The stories are deep, emotional, and always highly inventive. The all-star studio is led by CGI legend John Lasseter to use the best talent in the industry from around the world. Skydance Animation is headquartered in Madrid and New York and has some of the biggest names in animation and storytelling behind it. Spellbound is their latest offering.

John Lasseter at Skydance Animation

John Lasseter previously served as chief creative officer at both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, which also happen to be the two biggest animation studios in the world. He was an early force in using CGI in modern animation and pioneered the processes used today. He was largely behind the success of Pixar as an essential part of that studio.

Since joining Skydance Animation, he has brought his expertise to new animation projects and created several family favorites. He has won two Academy Awards for his industry work and continues to shine in the new studio. He has gathered numerous big names together to create the magical Spellbound.


This film is an animated musical that will be in 3D. Like past films and series from the studio, it will be distributed by Apple+. It is a production by both Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation. Some of the story is under wraps until it premieres, but we know several things about the plot. The story is said to have a variety of twists and turns that will keep audiences guessing throughout the tale.

The movie takes place in a magic kingdom called Lumbria, led by a royal family. The king and queen are parents to a princess named Ellian. The family has close ties but soon experiences a complication. The ruling couple falls under a strange spell that turns them into monsters. Ellian’s parents no longer remember her name and start to destroy the castle. She has to try to keep this a secret and keep her family together while solving the problem. This leads her along a difficult path, but there’s also a lot of fun to be found along the way. The story is highly emotional, bringing viewers through heartbreak and sadness as well as humor and exuberance. The emotions are so big that music seemed to be the best way for the characters to express them, according to the director, Vicky Jenson.

The Spellbound Cast

Some of the best actors have been brought together to voice Spellbound. The princess is voiced by Rachel Zegler, who starred in West Side Story. The queen is voiced by Academy Award–winning actress Nicole Kidman. The actor behind the king, Javier Bardem, is also an Academy Award winner. Tituss Burgess—well known to Kimmy Schmidt fans—joins them in the cast of Spellbound, in addition to Nathan Lane, John Lithgow, and Jennifer Lewis. Alan Menken, winner of eight Academy Awards, is behind the film’s completely original score and songs. Oscar-nominee Gleen Slater wrote the lyrics.

Spellbound is set to arrive on Apple+ in 2024.






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