Spring and Fall Cleaning the Garage

It is tough when you have to pitch in and do the spring/fall cleaning around the house and you have the garage to do by yourself. Chances are though the majority of disarray in this area of the home is pretty well your doing.

Looking at the fall first, one has to look at what has happened during the summer months. Your job is not going to be near as big if you have a storage shed. Unless of course you have allowed this space to get somewhat cluttered as well. So whats been shoved in the garage over the summer? Well to begin with there is all the winter equipment that is probably shoved to the back by now to make room for the summer items.

In the forefront as soon as you open the garage doors no doubt you are going to find items such as the kids bikes, some outdoor toys, probably the spring garden items, and a mixture of other things. One thing you are not likely to find is space to park the vehicle. This is not so bad for the summer months. Come the first snowfall you are going to be glad your car was tucked away in your nice clean organized garage.

So where do you start? Remember now this is the fall cleaning that is being undertaken here. To begin with do yourself a favor and pick a nice warm sunny day to do this and take everything out of the garage and put it on the lawn. Do not try to take shortcuts. If you do, you are going to end up moving the same items around at least a half a dozen times.

Now that everything is out do a quick inventory of what has to go back in and allot the space for it. Remember its time to put the summer items to the back of the garage and move the winter items up to the front.  Be sure that you leave ample space for the car. This means making sure that you are going to be able to get the snow blowers and shovels out easily without damaging your vehicle. That goes for the kid’s toboggans and snow gliders as well.

Now is the time if you need to install some extra shelving that you do it. It is perfect with everything out of the way you can install your shelves easily and they are going to help you get super organized.

Remember to move the winter equipment such as the snowbrushes, small shovels, and deicer and battery cables up to the front where you are going to have easy access to them.

Now let us look at the Spring-cleaning. So whets going to happen here? Exactly the same thing you did for the fall only you are going to reverse the position of the items.

Once you have done this for a year or two it is going to become routine. You are going to find that you have a lot less mess to clean up each time you go to do your garage cleaning. The big bonus is you are going to find everything you need when you need it.

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