4 Types Of Household Pipes

In the early days of sanitary facilities in ancient times, lead and clay pipes were used to transport water to houses and public buildings. In the early 1900s, when plumbing began moving to homes in the United States, materials such as cast iron, terracotta, copper, and galvanized steel were used. Lead pipes were also common… Continue reading 4 Types Of Household Pipes

Types of business loans

This financing option allows you to avoid established payments and pay your interest based on daily sales of credit and debit cards. Most small business loans are available from lenders, banks and online credit unions. Interest rates, rates, loan limits and conditions fluctuate Hard Money Lending NYC depending on the type of loan, the lender… Continue reading Types of business loans

What Types Of Items Can Be Restored After A Flood?

If you want expert help with cleaning up the floods or if you just want a second pair of eyes for safety, call Paul! Our national network of water damage and flood cleaning professionals is available 24/7. All upholstered furniture and mattresses contaminated with flood water must be discarded. Water companies use extractors to remove… Continue reading What Types Of Items Can Be Restored After A Flood?