3 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing That May Come Back to Haunt You

You order an item online, and shipping takes a lot longer than you should. In addition, some items are not included in the package. Frustrated, you go to the seller’s Facebook feed to express your concerns and expect compensation.

And despite repeated insistences, on the other hand – complete radio silence.

The experience wasn’t very good, was it? You think that maybe this company doesn’t care about you – about how you relied on them to get a good experience, and instead destroyed that trust. So you do what any disappointed person would do – promise never to order from here again and press the “object” button.

There’s a lesson for social media strategists. Social media marketing strategy may end up failing due to some improbing and negative comments.

Social media gives you as an entrepreneur limited opportunities to make a good impression. How you take advantage of these opportunities can benefit or destroy your business.

Proof in this statistic:

71% of users who have a positive experience with the brand on social networks are more likely to recommend it – Ambassador

According to the study, hardly 20% of social media posts cause little emotional reaction on social networks – Havas Media

42% of Twitter users expect the company to respond to their requests within an hour – Ambassador

For a social media marketer, the best way to improve your social media strategy is to find out why it doesn’t work. Here are a few mistakes you might have missed:

1 – Reckless handling of negative reviews

If you have dealt with a seller before, don’t expect him to defend himself if you have a complaint or if you don’t care about your concerns.

So why should your followers be on social media?

Keep in mind that when someone says something negative about you on social media, the rest of your followers can see it. And they’ll also be interested to see how you react.

This is a stressful scenario for business. But it’s completely preventable. Here’s how:

Put a competent person behind the wheel: experienced professionals, such as social media experts, will be open-minded about the negativity and know that reckless action is unnecessary.

For example, they know that no one will help them if they don’t respond to comments like “your service sucks! I want my money back.” On the other hand, a well-worded answer helps and soothes your reputation.

To illustrate this, your answer should be, “We’re sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Can you tell us exactly what happened so we can fix it?”

Pay attention to mentions with online tools: it’s easy to forget what you don’t see every day. Comments on social networks are the same. You can’t keep an eye on them all. No one sends them to you, and there is no guarantee that subscribers will mark you.

To keep track of all comments, you can use tools like Google Alerts that will notify you when someone uses your keywords in their social media fields.

2 – Use social media management tools to schedule the same publications on all platforms.

Social media management tools allow marketers to publish the same content on different social media platforms at the same time. Many companies use it to plan messages. And it worked for them, too, giving them time to focus on other tasks.

But often people use these tools as a shortcut to schedule the same posts on different platforms. This is a lazy tactic that shows that you don’t care how your content is perceived by the audience.

Keep in mind that what works on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t necessarily work on LinkedIn. Each social media platform is designed with specific target groups in mind. For example, a 140-character tweet is not appropriate for a LinkedIn audience that expects more detailed messages.

Use tools to plan optimized publications

To get the most out of social media sharing tools, you first need to improve your social media strategy. Take the time to explore the unique capabilities of each platform.

Hootsuite and HubSpot are two of the many social media management tools you can use to automate publications and even to see which channels are most involved. In addition to automatic content sharing, these platforms also offer free online social marketing training that can help you make the most of each platform, such as optimizing your messages for different social media channels.

3 – Reduce the number of social media buttons

Business owners usually reserve the best content for their websites. Content such as news blogs, for example, makes them experts in their niches.

It also gives visitors the opportunity to stay on these sites longer. Maybe they want to take a closer look at the shops to see what else is on offer?

Unfortunately, you can include content that someone would like to share, but if visitors can’t share it, they won’t get the exposure they need.

To make it work for you:

Make your social media exchange work on mobile devices: statistics show that more than 15% of mentions in tweets are made using the tweets buttons embedded in your site. It also proves that people share a lot on mobile devices.

Tools for creating social media buttons for WordPress: You can use online tools to create custom social media buttons for different audiences.

When choosing the right plugins, a good practical rule is to choose the ones that will give you more freedom in choosing the type of social exchange buttons you can create for different platforms.

For example, to improve your mobile audience experience, you can ask your developers to download WordPress plugin tools, such as Simple Share Buttons Adder, to create your own shared buttons for your web or mobile audience and add them to all your social media posts. Another plug-in is Addthis.

Have a social budget: if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it well. Tools such as Simple Share Button Adder can be downloaded and used for free. But if you really want your publishing buttons to shine, it’s best to make a budget and use it to buy their professional or premium packages. They offer more personalization and retail opportunities for between $10 and $100.

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