8 Best Things To Do In Busan

Perhaps there is no better place in Busan to enjoy the fantastic climate of the city than to take a trip to Haeundae beach. It is the longest beach in South Korea and is also one of the most popular beaches in the country. The beach organizes several festivals every year, including the Polar Bear Club, where participants bathed in ice-cold water in January. It also partly organizes the Busan International Film Festival.

Beomeosa is the only temple in Busan to offer a temple residence program, which only takes place on Saturday evening. Like everywhere in Korea, spring and fall are the best time to visit. See our comprehensive guide here for more information on the best time to visit South Korea.

Even if you came to Busan just before dinner, you will not be disappointed . Busan claims both the largest traditional market in South Korea and the largest seafood market, making it the perfect place to immerse yourself in Korean food culture. This lightweight bag has anti-theft features that make it easy to travel with Pacsafe’s anti-theft patent products, whether in a busy area or on the subway. Just north of Yeosu, Suncheon Bay is the perfect place for a sunset. You can visit the observatory, hike, explore the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking view.

But this was no problem during this particular tour. I never felt that the information had been lost due to the language problem. I learned a lot from what I learned about Korea in 20 days during this tour.

On foot or by train, it is easy enough to explore the Taejongdae Park, which is often busy on weekends. Then continue to visit the famous lighthouse, which offers beautiful coastal views, as well as a rocky beach below. The small Buddhist temple Taejongsa completes this pleasant walk of about 2 hours. Former military zone, Igidae Park is now the playground for hikers who want to walk between land and sea on coastal and forest paths. At the end of the path, enjoy your reward on the Oryukdo Skywalk, a platform whose transparent “you” shaped floor extends over a 30 meter high cliff.

Mira picked me up from the Busan KTX station and she was on time. We had texted several times for the meeting and she is an experienced professional. My favorites are Gamcheon Village and Yonggusa Temple. We also stopped for a nice lunch in a local restaurant after visiting Taejongdae.

After a day of tourism you can enjoy the excellent fresh seafood. You can also shop until you enter the beautiful world record-winning shopping centers, and the next day you can relax on the beautiful sandy beaches or in the flamboyant Spa Land. The Solaria Nishitetsu hotel is close to the Lotte department store and many restaurants. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from Seomyeon Metro Station.

Here is the list of the 8 best places to visit in Busan to give you a fragment of what awaits you. In the 1950s, war-torn Korean refugees began opening small shops to try to make a living. Although the Gukje market is largely a place where local Koreans still shop, travelers will also find a lot of interest in addition to the atmospheric atmosphere of the street market. It’s a great place to find hanbok, traditional Korean formal clothes, small souvenirs, favorite Korean street t-shirts and sandwiches, all at bargain prices. Whether you are looking for bargain clothes, vintage glasses, some new electronics or dried algae, the prices are cheap and the negotiation is fully accepted. Korean culture is based on dignity and mutual respect, so haggle with a smile and always be polite.

Explore the fish market and try the local special dish Dwaeji Gukbap. There is also a colorful city, beaches and parks with a beautiful view. While not as popular with tourists as Seoul and Jeju Island, Busan still has its own unique sights, such as Busan’s famous beaches and seafood markets. Many parts of Incheon, South Korea are within walking distance, with exciting restaurants, outdoor excursions, Incheon tourist attractions and family entertainment nearby.

While venturing into the area, it will simultaneously absorb all the culture and history of this Korean city. Busan is South Korea’s largest port city and 대구오피 has beautiful beaches, lush green nature reserves, serene hot springs and more. The city also organizes the famous international film festival every year.