All You need To Know About VoIP TECHNOLOGY

Voice over IP is the technology that allows your business to have telephone calls via the Internet. It brings VoIP telephony services to businesses and home users who have limited or no access to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Answering calls, making video calls, and recording messages can all be done with just an Internet connection and a VoIP-enabled device. However, it requires more than that if you want your business to thrive with VoIP as its primary communication method. This article will help you get started with understanding how VoIP works, the top 3 reasons why you should implement this technology in your business, and what are the key challenges you will face when doing so.


What is VoIP Technology?

VoIP is a technology that allows you to communicate by phone over the Internet. VoIP is the phone service that we already have. It’s what we use to make voice calls to each other; it’s just that now, we can use the Internet as the delivery mechanism. We can call each other using our computers, our smartphones, or other devices with a high-speed Internet connection. VoIP service providers allow you to use your phone number as you normally would and then use the network connection (whether it’s your phone line or your Internet connection) to send and receive the calls. This really is just the Internet. It’s not new or revolutionary. VoIP allows a business to lower its telephone costs by avoiding the expensive telephone hardware and maintenance costs associated with a public telephone network. In addition, many organizations can now lower their monthly telephone bills, increase their call quality, and increase their calling capacity.


How VoIP Technology Works?

When you are making a phone call over the Internet, the call is actually being made from a computer or another device with a high-speed Internet connection to another computer or device with a high-speed Internet connection. In order for this to work, both of your computers or devices need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless or a wired network. This is where the magic happens. In order to answer the phone call, your phone equipment (e.g. a speaker, a microphone, and software that makes the call sound like it’s coming from your phone) should receive an “electronic voice” that your computer or other device sends to your phone equipment. The electronic voice is like a sound file that your phone equipment plays through your phone as if it’s coming from a person’s mouth. Read more about VoIP phone numbers here.


3 Top Reasons to use VoIP in your business

– Low Cost – VoIP is a low-cost alternative to traditional telephone services. In fact, most VOIP services provide unlimited calls for free. – Wide Coverage – Unlike regular phone calls, VoIP calls can travel over the Internet to the recipient’s phone regardless of the caller’s location. This is called “Wide Coverage.” – Flexibility – You don’t need to be tethered to a specific phone number, landline, or location. You can have your phone number meet you anywhere there is Internet access. – Security – VOIP calls are not transmitted in the clear like regular phone calls. They are encrypted to ensure maximum privacy.






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