Basic Circuit Challenge

Troubleshooting activities include voltmeters and ammeters for use in test circuits. If you’re looking for a fun and easy multilayer pcb manufacturing way to teach about circuits, I’ve got exactly what you need. I’ve created a set of cards to help you with your teaching!

These Building Electric Circuits cards are perfect for a STEM challenge or for technology classes and activities. This app helps you teach or learn both circuit analysis and problem solving. Basic Circuits Lite is an app that includes a series of activities to help you learn basic electrical concepts. Program exercises include Ohm’s Law I, Electrical Idea, Electrical Components, Forces of Ten, Color Codes, and Electric Power One.

The application of theory requires practice and experience. The numbers on a digital voltmeter are easy to read. This app is designed to help students learn how to interpret voltmeter measurements in the context of the circuit being tested. The activities of this app produce realistic interactive experiences that allow you to “learn by doing”.

BASIC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of a series of twelve activities to help you learn basic electrical concepts. DC Circuits Challenge consists of twenty activities to help you learn DC circuit analysis and problem solving. Troubleshoot multiple linear power circuits using an on-screen oscilloscope or a digital voltmeter. Some very challenging activities are included.

The properties of operational amplifiers facilitate the design of the circuit and troubleshooting. New parameters are randomly selected each time an activity is used. This allows students to practice many times without simply memorizing solutions. The correct answers are given when mistakes are made. Learn or learn digital basics and digital electronics the easy way!

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Students can learn more easily using engaging interactive computer-based lessons. Exercises in DC Circuits Challenge are reviewed by students immediately upon completion. No more boring problems at the end of the chapter to solve by students and teacher qualification. This interactive software consists of various circuit analysis activities. Realistic problem-solving activities with resistors, capacitors, inductors and transformers are also included. This interactive computer program consists of twenty activities to learn DC circuit analysis and problem solving.