Belt Warmers

Features include built-in fiber jackets, pool clips, terminal boxes, stainless steel braided cables, armored cables and European connectors. Applications include spray and blow molds, plastic extrusions and containers, heating of pipes and tanks. Mica belt heaters provide efficient and economical solutions for heating cylindrical surfaces that require indirect external heating. They are the ideal solution for applications with high water density and high temperatures. It uses a nickel chrome resistance strip as a heating element that is precisely wrapped in a dielectric material for even heat distribution. The heating element is insulated in a mica core enclosed in a metal cover that provides exceptional insulation, dielectric strength and heat transfer capacity for faster heating and longer heating life.

Temperature controllers, thermostats, temperature sensors, thermocouples, thermistors, cable connectors, relays and connection accessories are also available. An expandable heater (made as a one-piece heater, but notched and designed to bend to fit a cylinder and then close it), flexible cables with a stainless steel hose at one end, separate belt. One-piece expandable (made as a one-piece heater, but notched and designed to bend over a cylinder and then closed), flexible cables with a stainless steel overlay at one end, separate belt. Omega offers a variety of high-quality belt warmers that last a long time. The selection includes belt heaters and nozzle heaters of different materials, such as stainless steel, mica, chrome and colorless. 1 or 2-piece steel nozzle heaters with a maximum temperature of 900 ° F, inner tube diameter of 1 “to 2.75”, with mica insulation, designed for extruders, drums and more.

A performance solution that lowers the temperature of the element and extends its life. The result is more efficient heat transfer, which lowers the temperatures of the cables of the element and extends the life of the belt heating. Mica belt warmers are built with a wired mica core wound. The leads are joined before the last outer pods are put together to complete the stove. Our Mica Band heaters can be installed directly on barrel heaters without the initial heating removal.

Find tire heating companies that can design, design and manufacture belt heaters to your specifications. Use our website to view and discover leading tire warmer manufacturers with drop-down lists and full product descriptions. Connect to belt warmer companies via our seamless and efficient budget request form. You get company Mica Band Heaters profiles, links to websites, locations, phone numbers, product videos and product information. Read the comments and stay tuned with new product items. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of electric belt warmers, electric flood defenses and all kinds of belt heaters, IQS is the most important source for you.

Drum heaters are made of spiral heating elements made of nickel-chrome alloy and have single tube lifts, triple heating coils and automatic thermostat controls. Adapted manufacturer of belt heaters for the chemical, fuel cell, heat treatment, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastic, semiconductor, wire, cable, oil and gas industries. Available in different tube sizes and configurations. Insulated ceramic and mica heaters are offered. Some stoves are energy efficient, pollution resistant and have oxidation resistant covers.

Additional functions include 100 percent gas shutdown for security control. The iron oxide coated emitter surface is available with a secondary radiation reverberation screen. Manufacturer of ceramic belt heaters including high temperature ceramic electric heaters. Types include semi-cylindrical heaters and flat plate heaters. In RL ceramic heaters, the nickel chrome wire is wrapped helically and placed on a grooved ceramic refractory support.

The cable is visible but can be embedded. In RH ceramic heaters, the chrome-aluminum iron wire is wound helically and placed on a grooved ceramic refractory support. Heat is transferred from ceramic belt heaters to the surface of an application by conduction and radiation. That is why a tight grip on the cylinder is not as critical as with other types of stoves. In addition, over-adjustment should be avoided as the pressure on the insulating mat reduces insulating efficiency. CHR only uses the highest quality components in the construction of its products, but this is no more true than with the silicone band drum heater.