Best Metal Wallets! Which One’s For You?

When you want to buy a new wallet, you can choose from a number of different types of metal wallets for men. Each metal has its own advantages, and disadvantages, so you should evaluate each type before you make a final decision. Here are some of the more common types of metal wallets for men.

metal wallets

Zippered wallets. This type of wallet is usually referred to as a “zippered wallet,” because it usually slides out of your hand so that you can access all of your items. Some examples of zippered metal wallets for men include The Damascus wallet a metal wallet with a metal zipper surrounding a card case. Both men’s and women’s versions of the Damascus wallet are available.

Wallet made of plastic. Plastic men’s wallets are popular because they are both stylish and affordable. There are many different styles and designs available, including minimalist wallets, credit card wallets, money clip wallets, and wallets with wallets. A plastic wallet can either be bought pre-made or you can purchase one to assemble yourself. Most plastic wallets open using a zipper, and some feature a key feature. You can find these wallets in colors that will go with most suits, including black, brown, charcoal, navy, grey, olive, and white.

Leather wallets. Leather wallets, also called faux leather, have become extremely popular in recent years. You can find them almost anywhere; some places sell them right alongside their more expensive, real leather counterparts. Faux leather wallets tend to be sturdier than their real-life counterparts, and they tend to retain their shape over time. They also offer a bit more functionality, as well as a unique appearance. Popular styles include Windsor, Brogues, and fedoras.

Metal pocket knives. These are often referred to as slim knives, and they can be a great addition to your regular EDC or everyday carry toolbox. While they lack the functionality of other types of tools, they can be used in combination with your slimming EDC essentials, such as a travel journal, keychain, or five cards, and they make for a great conversation starter when you’re out on the town.

RFID blocking wallets. While they don’t contain as many features as their metal minimalist wallets, they do all the basics. You’ll get a bottle opener, a coin pocket, and an ID hole. Unlike some other styles, RFID blocking wallets don’t need to incorporate the use of an RFID chip. Instead, they use magnetic strips or “dumb” cards, so that you can still get your own access to your items, even without having RFID blocking elements.

Leather slim wallet. Like its metal counterparts, a slim leather wallet features a single main compartment for holding items. It’s important to note that although a leather wallet is slim, it doesn’t mean that it can’t support extra items. They generally have additional interior compartments that are designed to hold cards, coins, keys, and more. Most of these areas are located between the main front flap and the card slots.

Money Clip. The money clip is very similar to the plastic money pocket found in your everyday credit card wallet. They both have a plastic strip that holds the card, and an internal space where you can put money or other smaller accessories. These are good options for anyone who needs a slim option because they’re not bulky and feature excellent security. However, they don’t offer nearly the same range of functionality as their metal or leather peers, which is why they fall on the medium-weight side.

Wallet with ID Window. This type of wallet has a window on the front that displays an ID card. This can be a useful feature for travelers because it lets you keep an eye on your credit card or other valuables while on the go, and you’ll never be left out at a restaurant because you didn’t bring your wallet.

Minimalist Wallets. Many of these slim and sleek wallets are actually minimalist wallets in general. They have very small parts and minimal design elements so that they don’t really add anything to your look. They may not have any cards or pockets, but they do offer a sleek, minimalist look that most people will find appealing.

10 cards. Although some people may only need five cards, some may need more than ten depending on how many credit cards they carry. Slim and sleek wallets offer the perfect combination of functionality and appearance so that you won’t be bothered by carrying too much unless you want to.

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