Custom Patches

The person who is most inventive with one of his company patches and labels in photography wins a prize. This is a great way to promote your business with patches with your social media platforms. It is also an effective way to give your company’s social media pages a chance to expand. Talk to a social media campaigner to help you find creative ways to use all your marketing materials, not just your custom patches. Investing in a very nice embroidery machine to help clubs and cyclists develop and obtain their own patches, colors and custom designs seemed like a logical extension of our company.

If you’re looking for photographic quality patches, consider patches that use dye instead of wire. After all, if you want something really unique, try our combination patches that combine sublimation with dye embroidery. Starting your own business is very exciting, it’s a long process and a lot of hard work, but the benefits and freedom of owning your own business make it all worthwhile! I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs and always asked them which part is the hardest part to own their own business, and many of them have told me promoting their business is challenging.

Professionalism is key, and a way to show professionalism is through your employees. Well, your answer is “patches with embroidered logo”.”It doesn’t seem to contribute to increasing your business reputation, but trust us, it’s the ultimate weapon.”. Digit punch LLC offers attractive and elegant embroidered logo patches for your company’s employees, showing professionalism and an excellent way to promote your brand. Even if you are an employee and want to get your identity on your shirt, a custom embroidered patch is the best way to do it. Adding a logo or printed design to a patch for your business is a great way to create a product that can keep the sun out of your eyes and also promote your brand. Silkscreen, velvet, embroidery, sublimation, fabric, leather and PVC are the styles we offer.

The red and black wire is a great combination for a variety of patch designs, but it’s the white wire on this embroidered patch that brings it all together. The details in the eyes and teeth and the edge around the text determine the most important parts of the artwork. Unlike PVC patches, embroidered patches always have 2D artwork.

Someone who sees a patch on someone else’s clothes may want to know what the company has to offer. They can take the time to independently investigate the company later. If you’re looking for creative, fresh and interesting ways to promote your business, custom patches are an exceptional option. In the past 3 years, we’ve embroidered thousands of custom patches made to order for cyclists in our community. Although our embroidery has grown without making a lot of noise about it, we have gained extensive experience.