How To Get The Best Game Water Pig Trip Before Your Gill!

Nine rafting companies operate on the river and offer a variety of travel packages, from half-day trips to two-week trips. For those who want to experience the Colorado River stream, start planning now: Raft trips available to the public are often sold out up to two years in advance. Ocoee River Rafting Tennessee For beginner day trips, the standard route mainly passes through the Hualapai Reserve, giving the rafters a close-up of the rich orange tones of the Western Grand Canyon. The rapids on the average day trip are Class II and III, considered moderate on a whitewater raft rising to VI

River engineers created finely tuned rapids within the river, ranging from Class III-IV +, depending on the water flow that is manageable and can reach 13,000 cfs at its peak. The main rafting destination is on the Nenana River, a glacier river that comes from the bush. As it winds through the canyons, it offers unforgettable views of the countryside and nature, including sheep on the hills and golden eagles in the sky. MAD Adventures offers exciting whitewater rafting on both Clear Water Creek and the Colorado River.

Rowers looking for some more excitement in whitewater can see Middle Fork trips from the American River. The starting point of this trip is also about 1 hour outside Sacramento and 2.5 hours from the San José area. This 18-mile stretch of river has class 3 and 4 rapids, some with steep waterfalls and rough water.

Choose from the destinations below and do an exercise to find the right one for you, from wild and intense day trips to rest and “in tents” during an epic night or multi-day rafting holiday. Whether you thrive on the thrill of adrenaline pumping activities or prefer relaxation and serenity, a whitewater rafting trip can become your new favorite weekend activity. Rafting on the Zambezi River is something every adventurous lover should experience. Enjoying the spectacular African landscape and warm, sunny weather as you swing at the foot of Victoria Falls is definitely the highlight of the trip. You can complete your rafting experience camping on beautiful white beaches and observe the nature that this region is famous for. Many rafting locations can provide visitors with a quality experience, but it is not surprising that not all of them are the same.

The name says it all: the Oregon Rogue River has some of the most challenging rapids in the Pacific Northwest and the V Rainie Falls class is one of the best known attractions for experienced beams. The river winds through virgin wooded canyons for a rather different experience than whitewater rafting to the south. The western United States is home to many well-known whitewater rafting and the Salmon River is yet another that can be added to the list.

The adventure begins with a floating plane flight to Lake Ekster, followed by a 6 to 8 day descent from the river. Along the way, travelers pass remote pine forests that are practically intact by humans, taking class V rapids that they will test both physically and mentally. At night they camp under the stars and have the chance to see the incredible Northern Lights in all its splendor. A major western waterway, the Snake River, is native to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, making it Wyoming’s premier whitewater rafting trip.