Nice Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is slightly smaller than Lake Michigan and covers only 0.03% of the world’s continental mass, but contains 5% of Earth’s biodiversity. There are approximately 500,000 mammal and marine life species that call Costa Rica home. Travelers who have never seen the quetzal of Costa Rica will be surprised. The endangered species is decorated with bright green plumage that perfectly matches its surprisingly red belly. Quetzales are considered the national bird of Guatemala, but you can find this colorful bird in Los Quetzales National Park in the districts of Copey and Dota de San José. This national park consists of forests “in the cloud”, where many trees bathe in different plant species.

She also likes to plan days for her family, likes to take her cousins to swim and to the park. If you have some free time, you can go to concerts, bake or visit your family at your home in Essex. Sometimes she can be found traveling a little further than Essex and loves carefully planning and researching a trip before leaving to explore new places in Europe and beyond. Whether you are looking for adventure, family activities or fantastic landscapes, you will find it in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has 26 national parks, 61 nature reserves, 10 organic reserves and 31 protected areas! With protected areas across the country and an increase in eco-tourism, Costa Rica has continued to provide more income over the years to conserve the country’s biodiversity. The country’s territory covers only 0.03% of the world’s land, but despite its relatively small area, it has more than 5% of the world’s total biodiversity. Several iconic wildlife lives in Costa Rica and the government is working hard to preserve the rainforest and national parks across the country.

25 percent of the country’s territory is destined for national parks and reserves, and Costa Rica has ended deforestation. The country also enjoys a healthy agricultural industry that includes coffee, chocolate and fruit as a popular export. Since Costa Rica has Jaco Costa Rica Bachelor Party no army, it can allocate additional resources to improve the nation and its citizens. Public education up to the 11th grade, universal health care, national parks and reserves are some of the main benefits. Another is the nation’s high degree of sustainability.

At the moment there is a series about the Galapagos Islands on my television. I am retired and living on a strict budget and I don’t want to die here in Dallas, Texas without seeing my dream. But the Costa Rican national park system really gives us a chance for our money. From the orderly boardwalks in Manuel Antonio to the lowlands of Tortuguero and the rugged coast of Corcovado, the national parks in Costa Rica are epic. Costa Rica is a tropical and ecological paradise, full of colorful wildlife animals and lush forest sunscreens waiting to be explored in zip lines and suspension bridges.