The Best Eyeliners Of 2021, According To Celebrity Makeup Artists

Use angled duct tape from the eye to the eyebrow for sharp, clean eyeshadow lines and a liquid eyeliner wing. Nothing against base black, but there is a whole world of line tones. “It adds definition without being as hard as black,” he says, adding that sliding under the bottom tab line is also an easy way to make small eyes look bigger. You can even get lighter with your lining; Beige and even white tones help combat discoloration and redness, and us are one of the best tricks for professionals to wake up tired eyes. Apply it along the waterline, the inner part of the edge of your eye.

Apply a shadow of light to your entire lid and then simply draw a small hashtag (#) in the outer corner of each eye. A creamy dark-tone pencil like Maybelline TattooStudio Eyeliner Pencil in Intense Charcoal ($ 6, Walmart) works well here. When deciding whether you have almond eyes, celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons advises to look for the whites of your tattoo eyeliner eyes, which are under the iris. Push a powder like RMS “Un” powder ($ 34) over the caps to start. “With a large spongy eyeshadow brush, you want to spray your eyelids and under your eyes to make greasy creams,” she says. Then place a cape on an eye primer like ILIA Natural Brightening Eye Primer ($ 24) to give your eyeliner something to hold on to.

TODAY Style consulted makeup professionals to learn everything you need to know about mastering the art of eyeshadow. Zdunowski-Rother also likes this Milani ocean liner (a classic version of paint and brush), which he calls “immovable” and a product that really “continues all day”.”.”The Kasey Spickard makeup artist is also a fan, but notes that she needs a little more skill than a felt-tip pen lining. We cannot make large, thick eyebrows from thin, scattered or distorted eyebrows, whatever they say.

And if you want the same high-intensity pigment but vinyl finish, Jessica deBen’s makeup artist is a fan of the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner Searching for the best eyeliner can sometimes feel endless. Whether you are looking for a liquid eyeliner to create the best cat eye, a touch of color to brighten up your Zoom meeting place, or just an everyday pencil, you want it to stay put, but also comes off easily at night, soft in the delicate area of the eyes.

The vitamin E formula is impregnated with pigments that provide stamina, and the creamy yet waterproof result is perfect for a spotted shadow effect according to Glazer, which is also the global artistic director of Laura Geller Beauty. “This way you get the softness of an eyeshadow, but the longevity of the kayal’s waterproof ingredients,” he explains. Focus on applying dark tones directly to the outer corner and do not drag them to the center of the eye or above the hood.

However, our professionals say we can give eyebrows, we look more exuberant, full and healthy with a mascara-dyed eyebrow gel. Fill rooms and jackets with white or gray eyebrows in a few sweeps. “A dyed eyebrow product like Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost ($ 112, nourishes the eyebrows and gives them a fluffier look while adding color to white or gray gray gray gray hair for a more mixed effect,” says Bass. Try affordable options such as Benefit Gimme Brow + Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel ($ 24, and Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Gel ($ 20,, for similar eyebrow dyes, conditioning and lifting. If you want a more precise technique, draw a side sign “#” on the outer third of your cap and then mix it.

If you have more experience and prefer to take care of your concealer and base first, you can always save the eyeshadow for later. Just put some translucent powder on a brush or pad and put it under your eyes. Make sure to apply enough powder, so if an eyeshadow falls on the translucent powder.