Antique Signs

Vintage signs are the perfect way to add character to your surroundings and bring a sense of nostalgia to rooms that have seen better days. Whether you’re redecorating your home or searching for an original piece that adds a unique touch to your company, you can always find something truly extraordinary in vintage signs for sale. The great thing about these signs is that they don’t have to cost the earth, and there are plenty of options available. So, if you’re tired of settling for less than you’d like, here’s what’s out there in real estate for you.

Vintage Signs

Antique wood and metal signs are a fantastic choice for your decorating needs. Not only are they beautiful and intriguing, but they’re also just plain hard to beat for their longevity. The rich tones and detailed carvings that antique signs are known for will enhance any home or business by adding an air of history and charm. Whether you’ve got a passion for collecting porcelains or classic cars, chances are you’ve been bitten by the same bug, so don’t let yourself miss out on the opportunity to add this important antique accent to your life.

Wood is also another popular choice when it comes to choosing vintage signs. Wood is an attractive material that can be easily turned into works of art with enamel paint. Not only does enamel paint last longer, but it can also be easier to clean and keep looking crisp and new. Wood is also popular among vintage collectors as they look great painted and unadorned, but if you’re looking to jazz up your metal signs with enamel paint, the options are endless. Learn more about Antique Porcelain Signs here. 

Metal signs aren’t just for collectors’ items anymore. Many people love the antiquated appeal of porcelain. Porcelain is beautiful to look at and can often be handcrafted by jewelers and craftsmen who would prefer to display the intricate details rather than the smooth surfaces of contemporary signs. Porcelain has a charming appeal that antique signs cannot compete with, so if you want to add a touch of class to your decor, why not consider buying a few porcelain signs to accentuate the rooms of your home or business?

Antique hunters are probably not thinking about the possibility of collecting World War II vintage signs, but there’s a good chance these old signs have something to tell us about world war II. Most collectors think of these signs only of the American front lines, but the signs from France and Britain also speak of devastation. Some of the signs have words or images of the bombarded cities on the ground during the war. If you’re willing to invest in these pieces of history, there are plenty of options available to add to your personal collection.

Vintage collectors will find that it’s difficult to find reproductions of these pieces as few metals were used during the time of the war. The most durable types of metal signs were cast in aluminum and nickel and were commonly used during the war. They were sometimes painted to protect them during the rain and cold nights and there were even several different types of ceramic signs.

When looking for an authentic vintage sign, you will need to know the measurements. To measure for these signs you will need the year, the letter of the building. For example, if it says “A trio of hotels behind the Piazza di Spagna, Suite 401” you will need to know the correct dimensions of the three hotels the sign was meant to reference. To help with measurements you will need a tape measure, chalk, and measures.

Antique dealers will be able to tell you which of the two finishes were used on the metal signs and which of the two finishes were used on the porcelain signs. Some collectors prefer the black enamel sign but there are others who prefer the white porcelain sign. A very popular choice is the gold enamel sign, which is extremely durable and has the ability to stand up to the years of wear and tear without fading. Antique dealers can also help you find the specific type of metal used and help determine the approximate value of the items.

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