Top Youtube Channels to Watch Skits: a blog about good skit channels on Youtube.

Humor is an important part of life, and there’s no better way to enjoy a good laugh than by watching some good skit videos on Youtube. From funny animal videos to cleverly written prank videos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on these channels. So whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or you want to learn some new comedy skills, check out the top Youtube skit channels below!

What are Skits?

Skits are a type of comedic performance that typically consist of a series of short, improvised scenes. They can be used to entertain or educate, and they’re often popular on YouTube because they can be easily shared and re-shared. There are a lot of great skit channels out there, so here are some of our favorites!

1. KingsStyle TV: KingsStyle TV is one of the coolest and most well-known skit channels on YouTube, and their videos are always hilarious. Their skits range from hilarious parody ads to music.

2. FunnyOrDie: FunnyOrDie is another comedy powerhouse on YouTube, with a library of hilarious skits that will have you laughing out loud. Some of our favorites include their parody ads, awkward family videos, and funny take on classic movies.

3. Epic Rap Battles Of History: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY is one of our favorite skit channels on YouTube because their videos are so well-made and funny. Their battles involve famous historical figures (and sometimes unlikely opponents!) in rap battles that are always highly entertaining to watch.

4. Smosh: Smosh is another hugely popular skit channel on YouTube, and their videos are always full of laughs. They specialize in comedy sketches (similar to FunnyOrDie) but their skits are also often very creative and innovative.

5. The Late Late Show With James Corden: The Late Late Show with James Corden is one of our favorite TV shows, and their YouTube channel is full of great skits that are based on the show. Some of our favorites include their hilarious Carpool Karaoke episodes and their hilarious take on pop culture references.

What is the Difference Between a Skit and a Comedy Sketch?

There is a big difference between a skit and a comedy sketch. A skit is usually a short, comedic video that is used for entertainment purposes. Comedy sketches, on the other hand, are typically longer and more detailed videos that are used to depict a character or set of characters in a humorous way.

The Best YouTube Channels for Watching Skits

When it comes to finding good comedic skits, there are a lot of great channels to check out on YouTube. Here are some of the best ones to watch if you’re looking for some hilarious comedy:

1. CollegeHumor: This channel is known for its hilarious skits featuring students from various colleges all over the United States. You’ll definitely get a good laugh out of many of the videos on this channel.

2. The Onion: If you’re looking for classic skits that will make you laugh out loud, then you need to check out The Onion’s channel. These videos are well-made and always deliver on their humor.

3. Funny or Die: This channel is known for its high-quality comedy sketches and videos. Whether it’s a serious issue like climate change or something ridiculous like a parody music video, Funny or Die always manages to produce quality content.

4. Sketchnik TV: This channel is dedicated to producing high-quality comedic skits. It’s an amazing resource if you’re looking for short, funny sketches to watch on your commute home or while working on your computer at home.


If you’re looking for some hilarious and creative skits to watch, be sure to check out some of the top Youtube channels on the market. From sketch comedy groups to stand-up comedians, these channels have a wealth of content that is sure to put a smile on your face. If you’re not familiar with any of these channels, be sure to take a look before you add them to your list of favorite YouTube channels.






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